The Ziebarth's at the Grand Canyon

The Ziebarth's at the Grand Canyon
March 2014

Friday, August 14, 2009

Some more pictures for your viewing pleasure

This is Justin in his awesome robes with his degree! We are so proud of him!

This is our favorite thing right now- Madilyn's smiling!!!!!

Mr. Cool! Hopefully he loves soccer as much as his Daddy does!

This is one tired Daddy but also a Daddy madly in love with his daughter!!!

Ziebarth pictures

Look at my beautiful angel and her "Cheese" smile!!!

Look at how strong my Madilyn is! She loves holding herself up like this!

Oh he is so handsome!!! He loves to take pictures just like his mommy!

Her Yaya bought her this outfit and put her hair up like this for church! She was stunning!

This was only 2 weeks ago and already Madilyn looks so different!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Madilyn is already over 6 weeks old!!

WOW...I truly can't believe that my angel is already 6 weeks old...she has grown so much! I will update some pictures later when I get some time. She is spontaneously smiling all the time and it is absolutely precious! She is stealing our hearts! Mikah and Feliciti love seeing their baby sister smile! They get such a huge kick out of it.

Justin has officially graduated with his Master's of Counseling which is absolutely huge!!! He has worked so hard for the past 3 years and it has paid off! He is now a stay-at-home-dad! =) He loves it and is having a blast with the kids. He says it is so gratifying to be able to spend this much needed time with the kids. He also is counseling twice a week at the church and doing such a great job with that!

That's the update for now...I promise to update pictures today or tomorrow!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

On a brighter and beautiful note...

To liven up the blog, I want to include the link to see some precious pictures of my angel Madilyn.
Go to the bottom where it says Full Screen. Then click on Client Proof at the top. The username is Madilyn and the password is mission. Click on the white box in the center of the screen to enter the pictures. They will slideshow through and you can see some great pictures of Madilyn and also some cute surprises of the big brother Mikah. (Feliciti wouldn't get into any pictures.) We are going to go to the Botanical Gardens with this great photographer soon to take family pictures.

By the way, for anyone wanting to take great pictures of their family and wanting to contribute to the Lord's work, look at her Mission. She gives 100% of her charge to a mission of her choice and currently it is for 2 woman from our church going to Kenya for a mission trip. She is a Godly woman wanting to make a difference for His Name!! And she takes great pictures!!!

Up and Down and Up and Down

We have experienced more ups and downs the past couple of weeks than we ever thought possible...

We were blessed with our enchanting Madilyn who has been such an amazing baby...the Lord truly outdid Himself with her...

Mikah and Feliciti (although both experiencing bouts of toddlerhood/three-year-hood) are truly in love with Madilyn and have not had sibling jealousy.

Justin has had off with us all summer and it has been truly amazing to have him home...we have had lots of fun going to Hawaiian Falls, playing at the mall, swimming in the in-laws pool, and making memories with our new family.

These have been our to the downs...

Our house almost got into contract...yes they bailed. The inspection scared them away with it having too many little things wrong with it. We are devastated...we have been so upset has affected us too much and we have decided something.....

We are going to keep our house on the market until August 24 which is when school starts and when I go back to school for my Master's a.k.a life gets even crazier for us...then we are going to take the house off the market until next year sometime. We feel peace about this decision and will rely on the Lord until then to hold us up through this.

Please join our family in praying for the Lord's will for our lives. He is faithful to us.