The Ziebarth's at the Grand Canyon

The Ziebarth's at the Grand Canyon
March 2014

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Some Fun Summer Pictures

These are some random fun summer pictures that we have taken recently. The first picture shows the state of Feliciti's hair at each meal since she always gets herself dirty!!! For some reason she likes to touch her hair even if she has food on her hands!! =) But she is my messy Princess!!!
The kids had sprinkler fun in the backyard! Doesn't the grass look great? =) Justin did an amazing job! Yaya and Granddad got this sprinkler for Mikah's 4th birthday and we finally got to use it!
This is Madilyn playing and having a blast! She loves playing with her brother and sister especially if it means she can get wet!

The kids always have lots of fun and keep us very busy! What a great life the Lord has given us!

My Baby Madilyn turned 1!!!

Madilyn Kyle Ziebarth turned 1 on June 27. I can't believe our baby is already 1. She has been the absolute best baby there ever could be. The Lord truly blessed us with her; she is the most calm, loving, funny, sweet, amazing princess we could have ever asked for.
She loved having everyone there for her party! Her Yaya made a beautiful pink cupcake for her first cake and she loved it! Below is a picture of her taking a second out of enjoying her yummy cake to take a picture with Mom and Dad. She started timidly touching the icing but then she held nothing back!
Below you can see her completely covered in cake!! Dad and Bobo came up with a new trick where they would tickle Madilyn with a fork on her head and then she would itch her head with her cake-hand!!! They did this to her head and her ear and her get the picture. Then Daddy got to give her a bath! =)
After her bath, she got to open her presents! She got lots of cute clothes, a toy box from Mommy and Daddy and a few toys. Here is Madilyn enjoying one of her new books.
The Lord really did His finest work when He created my kiddos...but He must have been in a really good mood on June 27,2009!!! Here is a picture of our angel when she was only about a month old at her baby dedication. What an angel...