The Ziebarth's at the Grand Canyon

The Ziebarth's at the Grand Canyon
March 2014

Sunday, October 10, 2010

What a great date!!! 10/10/10

We have been insanely busy!!! I feel like I write that each time I come on here but it's true. Since school started for me, both work and graduate, we've been going 100 miles an hour! Just to be transparent with you all this is our weekly schedule:

Monday- Justin stays home with the kids until 3 when a dear high school girl from church comes over to watch the kiddos. I get home from graduate school Monday nights, the kids are all asleep and Justin gets home from counseling later.

Tuesday- Justin stays home with the girls on Tuesdays and is also the transportation for Mikah to and from his new preschool from 9-2. He is doing great! We are so thankful that we are able to take him to preschool (with the help from the grandparents) because he so needs the school environment to get him ready for kindergarten. Tuesday nights I get home after Glee Club (yes I founded the Glee Club at my school and I love it!) around 5:30 and this is our family night together. We try to go to a park or take a jog/bike ride around the neighborhood. Something for us to do together to reconnect.

Wednesday- Justin works at the church all day while Aunt Richelle watches the kids (all 5 of them including her 2) and I get home around 5:45 from work and faculty meeting (ugh). Then I clean the kids up and get Mikah and Feliciti ready for Awanas. This is a Christian boy/girl scouts and we thought it would be really important for Feliciti to have some social interaction as well as a school-like environment since we can't afford to have her go to preschool. Good idea Mom and Dad! Feliciti really is excelling and I am so proud of her strides in obeying the teachers! Awanas is pretty short: from 6:30 to 8 in which I usually take Madilyn home to jog around the neighborhood and get her in her PJ's. Then we pick up the big kids and bring them home for bedtime. Justin gets home from counseling later.

Thursday- Ditto for Tuesday since Mikah has preschool and also ditto for our family night. Although twice a month we go to a larger family night including all of the Ziebarths and have a blast with the cousins, Yaya and Granddad, Mama and Papa and the aunts and uncles.

Friday- This is the only day that we have nothing set planned each week. Justin stays home with all the kids and I try to get off work right at 4:30. We have various activities planned for Fridays.

Saturday- We really try to take Saturdays as easy as we can to reconnect and to rest up. We do have things planned time to time: for example, yesterday we watched Reagan and Eli and had a blast seeing life with kids with 5! Umm..yeah that's not going to happen! Also next Saturday we are going to head over to the other cousin's house, Judah, and spend the evening with them!

Sunday- We always go to our church in the morning (10:30 service) and then home for nap and lunch. Sunday nights we have life group with our dear friends from church where we get to life life together. This is one of the highlights of my week as I feel so at ease there. We aim to build each other up since life gets so darn hard sometimes!

There you have it Blog World. This is our crazy, hectic world...but it's our world. I will be graduating in May with my Masters in Math and it can't come any sooner! I am trying to get all my classes in, trying to maintain all A's, and trying to write my thesis project...yeah it's not all getting done right now. Also, we do actually take lots of pictures of the kids but we lost the cord to download the pictures so all you have is words right now. Eventually we will get with it...but honestly guys, to be real...sometimes it's enough for us to be able to smile at the end of the day and hold each other. Our busyness has brought Justin and I closer together and we give ALL GLORY TO THE LORD!!! None of this could be done without Him and His patience, His strength, and sometimes Him holding us up!