The Ziebarth's at the Grand Canyon

The Ziebarth's at the Grand Canyon
March 2014

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day(s)!!!

WOW! What a day! We knew it was going to be cold but the wind chill was actually in the negative degrees! We can't believe it. We tried to go outside for some outdoor fun but that was literally a 5 minute ordeal! It was TOO COLD!! Plus we are off tomorrow too. It is true that we are getting a tad bit stir crazy but I am hoping that we can get out to do something tomorrow- or play with some neighborhood friends...something! We have some art projects planned so that should be fun!
They were double layered, hats and gloves on, huge winter coats and ready!
They thought they could catch snow on their tongues...poor kids. Just ice, not snow.

Justin in his adventurous self got some cardboard and sledded down the driveway with the M's. Feliciti was way too cold so she said no!

I got a picture of Feliciti on her way inside...poor baby...she has a little cold and cough so it was a good thing she was only out for less than a minute.
Madilyn kept slipping so we had to sit her down- so cute!
"It's cold Mommy!"

After our unsuccessful outing today, I am thinking we will not venture out tomorrow either. It's just too cold and its only ice- no snow. The kids can't even pick it up. They remember last year's snow making snow mans and throwing snow balls!
So blessed that Justin is home tomorrow with us so we can have another family day! Everyone enjoy your day!

Christmas 2010

Yes I know Christmas was a month ago but I just downloaded the pictures onto the computer. Haha! Life got busy when I went back to work and then school started (UTA) so whew...

This Christmas we had so much fun spending time with the Ziebarth's on Christmas Eve and then the DeHart's on Christmas Day. What a blessing! We also made a cake with yummy icing to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. We make sure to emphasize to the kiddos that Santa brings them a toy to remind them of the gift of Jesus but the true meaning of Christmas is Jesus coming down to earth to save us. I am truly honored to bring this blessing to my family since I didn't get to learn anything about baby Jesus when I was young.

While they were celebrating Christmas, the kids got some major presents from their family!

This is Mikah playing with his cool motorcycle from Mimi and Papa!

Iron man rocks!

Feliciti got a beautiful butterfly Barbie from Yaya and Granddad which she loves!
Some Granddad love- ahhh...

I like my brother's toys!

Feliciti got a bike from Mommy and Daddy!

Happy Birthday Jesus!!!