The Ziebarth's at the Grand Canyon

The Ziebarth's at the Grand Canyon
March 2014

Monday, July 11, 2011

Madilyn's 2nd Birthday Party

Our precious baby Madilyn turned 2 on June 27, 2011. I truly can't believe our angel is growing up so fast! We had her birthday party at the Parks Mall Carousel and it was a blast! We didn't have a huge turn-out but the people there loved on her to pieces!!
This is the cookie cake they provide with the party. Way cute and pink of course!
This is the amazing lady bug cake that Yaya (Justin's Mom) made Madilyn. Isn't she talented?!
"Look at me!!"
"I love riding the carousel with Daddy!"
She was singing the birthday song with us! So sweet!
She got a lot of great stuff; new outfits, baby doll accessories and baby dolls, a new Barbie and a doctor kit!
Thank you kisses and hugs all around!

After the party, Justin and I took Madilyn to the Build a Bear workshop where we gave her our gift. She got to pick out her own animal, name it, stuff it, and dress it! She loved this especially since it gave her some Mommy and Daddy alone time. (Thanks Mimi, Papa, Bibi and Bobo for staying with Mikah and Feliciti!)
These are the hearts we got to put into her daisy bunny. Notice the un-stuffed daisy bunny in her hands.
We got to register the daisy bunny where we officially named her Princess Bunny Hop-Hop.
"Thanks Mom and Dad for such a great new baby!"

Smile with your bunny!! Cheese!!!

Galveston 2011

A couple of weeks ago we went to Galveston for a short trip with the DeHart family!! My Mom and Dad went and my brother Daniel, my SIL Vivian and their precious baby boy Judah. It was my kid's first time to the beach so it was super special for all of us. To watch our babies see the ocean for the first time was amazing...we kept talking about the Lord's creation and how truly phenomenal His work is!! What a blessing!

This was the absolute first time our kids saw the ocean!! Notice them running to the water with such joy!! That is Mimi and Aunt Bibi with Judah in the front.

"Let's lay out with Mommy!"
"Daddy is so good at building sand castles!"
"Mimi got us all started playing in the sand- she learned how when she lived in Cali!"
"Aunt Bibi taught us how to gather the sand and clams in our hands and watch them dig!"

"We love our cousin Judah!"
Mikah loved digging in the sand
Feliciti loved running around from the ocean to the sand and back
Madilyn loved to hold onto Mommy or Daddy and jump over the waves

We are thinking we might make this an annual trip since it was so much fun!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer 2011 is the best!

If you would have been listening in on some of my conversations lately with my hubby, you might have heard the exclamation, "This has truly been the best summer!" or something to that variation.

I have so enjoyed myself this summer. Since I am on a 'get-real' kick I must say that my previous summers, staying home all summer long, being 'stuck' at home instead of teaching has been hard at times. I love my kids with all that I am but I was made to be a teacher. I would dream of teaching...I mean, I would start lesson planning in July! But this summer my family has completely been my focus and I have loved it!

For one thing, the kids are all at really fun stages.
Mikah is becoming so independent and capable of doing so many things on his own. Hallelujah! He is funny, asks a million questions and he expects an answer. Now answering questions all the time might become tiring at times, but I also love how observant he is and being a teacher, I love his love for learning. That sounded ridiculous but it's true! He also started playing indoor soccer this summer and watching him out there running with a huge smile on his face is so much fun! Isn't he handsome?!?!Feliciti is so beautiful and loving. She is definitely attached to her Mommy! She must be holding my hand at all times or sitting by me or hugging get the picture. I truly love how close we are and I foresee being as close to her as I am to my own Mom. We are considering putting her into a dance/cheer-leading class in the Fall because she is so flexible and she cheers for her brother at his soccer games! "Go Go G-O, Go Mikah Go! " I love it!
Madilyn just recently turned 2 last week! I can't believe that my gorgeous baby is already 2. I have watched her become such a comedic, compassionate, and truly brilliant little girl. Being the youngest where her 2 older siblings are both learning so much every day, she has picked up on so much! She can already count to 15! She speaks in complete sentences and she can understand what we are saying. She will always be our baby but I love watching who the Lord is shaping her to be.
It has been the most amazing and difficult journey of my life raising 3 kids and I am so blessed and honored that the Lord 'lent' them to us.

The second reason this summer rocks is that Justin and I have really enjoyed spending the summer together. For my graduation present, Justin bought me a trip to Vegas staying in the Paris hotel and it was a blast! We went right after school was out and the kids all stayed with our parents. (thanks guys!)

We enjoyed sight-seeing, penny slots, Justin played real-life Texas Hold Em, we both played craps, and roulette. It was so much fun! We also got to see the spectacular Cirque de Soleil Beatles Love show at the Mirage and it was unbelievable!! You can see all our fun below...
A tout a l'heure! (See you soon!)