The Ziebarth's at the Grand Canyon

The Ziebarth's at the Grand Canyon
March 2014

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

First Complete Family Vacation!!!

Last week we had our first family vacation!! We went to Mema and Papa Jay's first and then to Beaver's Bend, Oklahoma. We had a blast! At Mema and Papa's we had tons of fun picking vegetables from the garden, eating ice cream cones, fishing and just spending great time with Mema and Papa. It means so much to see my kids spending time with my amazing grandparents. They are truly the best grandparents anyone could ever had and it is such a blessing for me to see my kiddos enjoying them as much as I do!

Below is Feliciti enjoying some nice relaxing ice cream cone time!

In Beaver's Bend we had lots of nature walks, some fishing, an attempt at swimming in the lake, riding on the train, and lots of fun family time! Here are some fun pictures of us having a great time!