The Ziebarth's at the Grand Canyon

The Ziebarth's at the Grand Canyon
March 2014

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Special Mikah and Mommy Time

Mikah and I had a blast this morning at his school's Muffins with Mom breakfast shindig. We have both been super excited all week about our special time.

You see, it's been my experience that when you have 2 girls and an older boy, there seems to be something unfortunate that happens...

It is just natural for the Mom to spend lots of special time with her girls because there are several reasons for that special time to happen. Princess adventures, nail time, hair time, shopping etc. But with the boy who likes to be rough and tumble and honestly prefers Daddy to Mommy, the special times are few and far between.

It meant SO MUCH to me to spend this morning with Mikah. But it meant equally as much to see how much it meant to him for us to spend time together. He so anticipated our muffin time or 'cookie time' as he wished it to be. Hehe.

So on this Thursday, I am thankful. Thankful to have 2 beautiful girls to spend all my girly moments with, to become best friends with when they grow older, to primp and prep with, to help in growing up to Godly righteous woman. But I am also super thankful to have my boy. My loving, affectionate, super sweet, strong and sensitive boy who I get to hold and love on even when he grows up to be a Godly, righteous man!
He was holding me so tight in the picture! This was his choice of pose- so precious!!!