The Ziebarth's at the Grand Canyon

The Ziebarth's at the Grand Canyon
March 2014

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter blessings!

We had such a great Easter!!

All weekend long we were building up how much fun Easter was going to be and the kids were getting so excited! This year, we focused on explaining to Mikah a little more than last year about Jesus' Resurrection. Last year we weren't ready to teach Mikah about death so we taught him that for us Jesus disappeared and reappeared 3 days later. This year he asked a lot of questions and really got it (the best way a an-almost-4-year-old can.) =) It was so great to see him accepting this awesome pillar of our faith!

On Saturday afternoon we went to our amazing church's egg hunt at a Mansfield elementary school. We had a blast! The kids got TONS of eggs and I will post these pics next since there are so many of them.

On Easter morning Mikah woke up asking where the egg hunt was! Don't worry everyone...On
our way to church we kept reminding the kiddos the reason we celebrate Easter-- Feliciti would say "Yeah!" and Mikah would ask some more questions. =) After church we went to Mimi and Papa's (my parents) to hunt eggs and eat some lunch. We got to spend some time with Bibi and Bobo and my adorable nephew Judah! We had so much fun seeing them since we are all always so busy.

After naptime and lots of candy, we went over to Yaya and Granddad's house (Justin's parents) to get more food and more egg hunting! We had a blast there until the kiddos starting getting really tired and cranky. We got to see Yaya, Granddad, Uncle David, Aunt Chelle, Reagan, Aunt Crystal, Uncle Matthew, Israel, Mama and Papa. It was lots of fun!

Now on to my absolute favorite picture of all time! This is the first real family picture we have had since Madilyn was born. Aren't the kiddos getting so big? And they are absolutely gorgeous!!!! I am such a proud mom and I am incredibly blessed!!!!