The Ziebarth's at the Grand Canyon

The Ziebarth's at the Grand Canyon
March 2014

Monday, July 27, 2009

Final House News!!

So we have officially entered into a contract on our house!! We are currently in the 7 day option period to have the inspection etc. So please continue to pray for our house to come out ok with the inspection and also to continue to our August 25 closing date!!! Next comes looking for our dream house!!!

WOOHOO the Lord is so good!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

More pictures of Madilyn at 4 weeks (tomorrow)

Oh cute is this picture? He is so precious with her...

Tummy time!

She loved looking at the camera during this 'shoot'. She is so photogenic!

Mikah was showing her how to do tummy time.

Kicking those legs! Soccer player or dancer?

Madilyn at 4 weeks old

Here are some updated pictures of my beautiful angel...I am so in love!!

This was Madilyn about to head focused and beautiful.

Doesn't Feliciti look breathtaking? Ahhh...she loves holding her baby sister!

This was Madilyn's first bath- she loved it half the time and hated it the other half! I had to get a picture of my wet ducky!

Look at me! I can hold my head up!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Poop and House News

Love that title! Ok so Mikah pooped in the potty today which is huge!! We didn't even ask him...he just came up to us after we got back from Hawaiian Falls and said "I gotta poopoo in the potty." So off he went and yeah! He is a really big boy now!

Also we have our realtor coming right now to discuss our 3 offers we have received for our house! God is so good and faithful! We are humbled that the Lord is showing Himself in such a HUGE WAY!!! He is so amazing!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Life gets stressful sometimes...

We have been battling some major stress lately...and believe or not, it does not come from having a 3 week old!! It comes from us selling our house...yes you heard me, we are trying to sell our house in today's market and it is not going well.

You can understand why we are trying to get out of our house when you close your eyes and think of the following scenario: Mikah our 3 year old comes out of his room which he shares with his 2 year old sister Feliciti...he tells us that she is bothering him and that he wants to be by himself. Well in our 1200 square foot house, there are not many places that he can go to be alone. So he is just irritated...5 minutes later they start screaming at each other while they are playing with trucks and Madilyn is just down the very short hallway hopefully getting used to this loudness that is her life! My scenario isn't over but I am starting to get a headache! AGAIN!

So back to our stress...the house has been very close to a contract this past week and it fell through...this is one of the most devastating things we have encountered lately...WE MUST HAVE MORE ROOM!!! We have been praying our hearts out and seeking the Lord's will. He has never closed a door during this process so we are hopeful...if you are reading this right now, please have mercy on us and send up a prayer that we can get our house sold soon!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2 week Dr. Appointment

We took Madilyn yesterday to her 2 week appointment. We had a bet going that she was close to 9 pounds but..................she is 8 pounds and 5 ounces. The doctor was ok with the small weight gain because as long as she is over her birth weight, we are doing good. She has grown a lot though!! She is 21 and a half inches long- she's grown an inch and a half since birth!!! My tall girl!! =)

She is getting a little more fussy in the evening and after feedings sometimes. My new theory is that she gets overwhelmed and tired and we keep her up longer than she should...we expect too much from our 2 week old!! So we are going to be putting her down more...I'll update you on my theory.

Having our family of 5 has been amazing! We are actually staying at my parent's house this week to allow our house to be shown at all times. It's been sort of a vacation which has been a lot of fun!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Updated pictures....FINALLY!!

This is Madilyn hanging out in her bouncer (a favorite pastime of hers) and Mikah is trying to get her to play with Feliciti's cell phone. He doesn't quite get that she is too young to play with him. Its adorable!!!

Feliciti has just started asking to hold Madilyn a lot and she is getting her 'Mommy skills'. She tries to feed her, give her a paci, and she loves to hand her a blanket. She says, "Madilyn blanket". Its so sweet!

Having our new angel in our family has really been fun and amazing to see as a mom. Mikah and Feliciti have such a great capacity to love...and they are growing up so much!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dr. checkup

12 Days with Madilyn---I went to my Dr. today for a check up and I have already lost 28 pounds!!!! I am super thrilled about this and can't wait to lose the remaining few pounds I have left! Then on to Mikah's weight I am still carrying around! =) I plan on joining Weight Watchers and start walking/jogging/running in that order...until I can get a gym membership. I am getting my body back!!!!

Oh and Madilyn is doing great! She is already growing up to me- I watched her birth video last night and I could completely tell the difference in her face. She has already changed so much! Mikah and Feliciti are getting almost 100% better too! Our Ziebarth house is a happy house!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Life with Madilyn so far

I am sure some of you are wondering how life has been so far with Madilyn. She is an absolute gift from God!!! We have our hands full at times with Mikah learning how his independence fits into a structured society and Feliciti learning boundaries exist for we were a little concerned with a newborn in the mix. But she is incredible! She sleeps all the time, she eats great, she poops/pees the way she is supposed has been great! She is on a 3-4 hour schedule all day and has even had a one-time occurence of letting us sleep 5 and a half hours Saturday night!! We are so blessed to have her!

Mikah and Feliciti are totally infatuated with her! They ask about her all the time and wish she was with us when she is asleep...we are so thankful that the Lord has been so good to us with all three of our babies! We do lose our patience at times but what parent doesn't? We do need more sleep but that will come...and sometimes I can't wait to go back to work just so I can get some me-time!

I am enjoying the moment with my family and praying for the Lord's strength, endurance and patience during the tough times. We are having a blast together as a family!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Madilyn Kyle Ziebarth

She is here!! We have been blessed by the Lord in so many ways but when He created our three precious babies He did some amazing work!!!

Ok so here is how it happened...last Friday 6/26 we were planning on going to Hawaiian Falls since we knew we would be home for a little while once Madilyn came. Around 9 I lost my plug and then very mild contractions started at 10:45. I still wanted to go to the water park because I promised my babies and I do not like to break promises. So we went and every 12-14 minutes I would have a mild contraction while playing in the fun toddler pool area! Haha! They weren't bad at all so I knew that she had a little while to come.

We had an appointment at 3:30 p.m. to go to the hospital anyway to get my blood drawn and check our vitals so I decided that I would see how everything was going then. The nurse took my blood and checked Madilyn's heartrate and it was relatively lower than normal. My blood pressure was a little higher than normal. So it was this combination that made my doctor g
ive the "Go Ahead" to start inducing that night instead of the following morning. YEAH!!! We were elated and so ready to start this process and meet our darling angel!!

So the pitosin started at 8 pm (the paperwork and everything took forever!) and she came in 3 pushes at 2:17 am beautiful and amazing!!!
She has truly completed our family and has been such a good baby- she already has herself on a 3-3 and a half hour schedule!!! A baby after my own heart- scheduled!! Here is a picture of our angel Madilyn Kyle Ziebarth.....