The Ziebarth's at the Grand Canyon

The Ziebarth's at the Grand Canyon
March 2014

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


We are finally going to update everyone!! We have been so busy it has been crazy! We have officially sold our house as of mid- October and we are currently living with my parents and have been since the end of September. It has been such a blessing to stay here and not worry about being homeless. =) Our dream house is almost ours completely!! We close around December 10 and building officially starts. It should be finished by the end of January and we will be in our own house!

Here are some recent picture of my 3 angels playing is so good...God is so amazing!!

Madilyn is almost 5 months old!! She is rolling and 'talking' so much! She loves to make her dinosaur noises when she is trying to shove her whole fist in her mouth! She is officially teething but no teeth have come to the surface. She loves to smile and she is so wonderfully social! She is looking more and more like Feliciti- which we love! Here she is in her sister's princess crown. She loved it!

Feliciti is speaking in full sentences now and so clearly!! She loves to sing and you will find her singing all the time! She just wakes up and starts talking and playing in her bed. She is still our little angel although she is definitely our 'stubborn one'. She loves playing with her baby dolls and she absolutely adores her sister Madilyn!

This is Feliciti doing what she loves best!! When Madilyn starts to cry or fuss, she goes over to make her 'all better'. It is so amazing to see her maternal instincts grow every day!

Fire Chief Feliciti

Mikah is 3 and a half years old already and he is truly just like his Dad! He looks just like him and loves to play! Wrestling has become his favorite as well as chase and hide and seek. He is such a joy to be around! He is learning so much and it is amazing to see him just 'get' things. I can't believe that in just a year and a half, he will be starting school!!!! Honestly, I can't wait for him to come home each day with a new skill or a favorite subject...sigh...

Justin is a full-time stay at home dad and he is really good at it! The kids love having their Daddy home with them and it is so great to see Madilyn grow so close to him! His counseling is going great and he says that it is so amazing to work for something that you truly love for the first time.
I am taking 2 graduate class this semester and I am making an A in both classes! =) I am loving life at my new school and my students are so great! Life gets hectic at times due to our very busy lives but the Lord has been so faithful to us...He sustains us each day...He renews our spirits! Thanks for listening to our update!