The Ziebarth's at the Grand Canyon

The Ziebarth's at the Grand Canyon
March 2014

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The girls start Preschool!!

The girls are waiting patiently with Dad to go to big-girl school!! Madilyn is in a 2 year old class and Feliciti is in an official preschool class. They are both learning all sorts of academics and very important social skills.
Cheese! My angel was so happy and she couldn't maintain her composure- the smiles were pouring out! This is her official name tag that was on her desk. :)

This is Feliciti's Raccoon room- you see here she is playing house already! She has done incredibly at school so far. Lots of smiley faces and no rules broken! She is a natural, hehe!

This is our precious Madilyn so excited to be a big girl! She has loved going to preschool so far- and she is growing up so fast! She loves to play and eat lunch!
Here is her official name tag on her basket where her backpack, lunch box and nap time stuff goes. We are still working on her napping situation...she has never slept in a room with anyone before and we are expecting her to stay on a nap mat for an hour in a room full of 2 year olds and fall asleep?!! Well that is not happening right now and we are working on it. :)

Here is Madilyn in her classroom where Justin was sneaking pictures through the glass. Doesn't she look so big now??!?! babies are all growing up! We are truly blessed!

Mikah is a Kindergartener!!!

This is Mikah coming down the stairs on his first day!! He is so excited and ready to go!

Mikah eats breakfast on the way to school each morning- his favorite is milk and a cereal bar. Yummy! One of my absolute favorite times of the day is riding with Mikah in the morning, saying our morning prayers and talking. It's so special spending my one-on-one time with my big boy!

Mikah was so excited about waiting outside his 'big boy' school so he was all smiles!

Check out my baby's backpack!!!

Check out my big boy sitting at his desk! We all went to the school for his first day and of course the girls wanted to sit down at the desks. Oh so much fun!

So...Mikah has been in school now for 6 weeks. He has had his ups and downs. He seems to make some silly mistakes and then gets in trouble for them. Such as flying a paper airplane around and accidentally hitting someone on the head. So we have been working on his behavior and respecting other's space. But he loves it and is doing so great academically! He is so smart! We are so blessed to be his Mommy and Daddy!