The Ziebarth's at the Grand Canyon

The Ziebarth's at the Grand Canyon
March 2014

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Madilyn's 3rd Birthday

Madilyn is 3!!  She had a My Little Pony party at the FBC play area.  We had a blast!
This is Madilyn's beautiful My Little Pony cake made by Yaya- it had an adorable Pony train that went all the way around!  She loved it!
Check out these beautiful girls admiring the cake!

Some cutesy cousin time! I love how they were posing holding hands. And cousin Eli peeking in the background, love it!

Madilyn was singing along with us "Happy Birthday to Madilyn"- gosh she is so beautiful!

Blow out the candle!

She finally got to play with her train!

All of our friends and family watching as we are about to open presents.

That's my girl!  She got more excited about her Princess panties from Mimi and Papa than she did for most of her presents!  LOL!

Madilyn's reaction to when she saw her bike for the first time!  Love it!

Madilyn's beautiful new bike!

Feliciti was following her to see if she could get a turn

Daddy had a blast getting in the play area with Madilyn and snapped some cute shots while we was being a big kid!

Beautiful sisters!

They all had such a blast!!! 

We can't believe our baby is 3 years old!  You truly mean the world to us!  When we decided to have our last baby, we knew that you were going to be something so special to us.  And we have loved the addition you make to our family!  You're incredibly sweet, funny, compassionate, loving and you are our Cubbie!  You will always make us smile and laugh with your big squeezes and your kisses, your many jokes and your amazing imaginary stories!  We love you so much!
Dad and Mom

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