The Ziebarth's at the Grand Canyon

The Ziebarth's at the Grand Canyon
March 2014

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bluebonnets 2013

Well I don't have to tell you all that this post is long overdue.  And the excuses will not go on and on...the truth of the matter is that I enjoy reading other blogs and I make time for that activity but I do not make time in my life for blogging.  I would like to continue keeping my family blog alive but I will definitely continue with my weekly reading other people's fashion blogs, cooking blogs or family blogs.  I really love reading what other moms are doing, wearing and/or cooking!

We decided that we wanted to get some bluebonnet pictures this year before they magically go away and we had a blast!  Yes it is always stressful taking pictures with 3 kids...especially with Madilyn who never looks at the camera or who plays with the bluebonnets or cries because the dirt hurts her.  Deep breaths...or when my hubby has brought the camera tripod and it keeps cutting off his head because he is way taller than all of us!  Or when Mikah has this strange grimace-smile that he is doing nowadays...or when the mud/quicksand surrounding the bluebonnets is ruining all of our shoes!

So needless to say, life with the Ziebarth's is sometimes crazy, stressful, frustrating, loud and sore but we got some great pictures!  Ha!

 Family picture- love how you can see the kid's personalities in this picture.

 Feliciti took this picture of Justin and me...we never get pictures together so we were pumped!  Notice my piece sign on Justin's leg! Ha!

 This is our youngest Princess who has more personality than we could have ever imagined! She is our little genius and is curious about everything.  She loves to ride bikes, play with her siblings and watch TV.  She knows how to spell and write her name, knows all her letters and numbers and can hold a conversation with adults.  She keeps us all laughing and life is a stage for her!

This is our oldest Princess who has the most compassionate heart and creative mind.  She has the most amazing imagination and prefers to draw, create or collect ladybugs.  She is always attached to Mommy and oftentimes you will find us with matching hair styles.  :)  She is excelling in Kindergarten and loves to write short stories with an illustration. 
 This is our handsome Prince who is growing up so fast with his vocabulary, spiritual earnestness and love for others!  He loves to play video games and will often do more school work or chores to get more 'game time'.  He prays often and is truly seeking the Lord in making good choices in his life.  His passion overnight for reading has been remarkable to watch as he reads everything he sees! 

We are beyond blessed to be called Daddy and Mommy to these babies...He has called us to train them up in His way and to raise Godly, Christian men and women who will truly change the world for His kingdom.  What an amazing calling!

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